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Gwinear Agricultural

Gwinear Show - friendly, rural and based in our agricultural community

The Gwinear Show Committee in the 1970s


Donkeys and the first Show

The very first Gwinear Show took place in 1899 when the highlight of the day was to find the best donkey in the village, followed by donkey shay racing. After a time Cattle were introduced and a Dairy Section with milk and cream being exhibited.

The War Years

Letter Written from Spr BartleGwinear Agricultural Show Accounts 1933

During the years of the Second World War a show wasn’t held but the Gwinear Agricultural Association held whist drives locally to raise money to send to the men of Gwinear parish who were serving in the armed forces. Many letters (and their envelopes some of which are stamped “Passed by Censor”) have been preserved thanking the Association for their postal orders. One example is given to the right (click on the image to view a larger version).

The Show lapses

In the mid 1950s support waned, and the Show did not take place between 1959 and 1975.

Revival of the Show!

In February of 1976 a group of about thirty persons came together to plan a revival of the show, so a committee was formed with women being there for the first time.

On 1st May 1976, a Show took place with field events including horse classes, a gymkhana, tug of war and sheaf pitching competitions. There was an innovation of a Domestic Section including cookery, floral art and children’s exhibits with an entry in that first year of over 500! The Show was well attended and the admission fee was just 20p.

The enthusiastic group of people who formed that Committee in 1976 were prepared to act as guarantors in case the event failed, but they needn’t have worried – the Show proved to be a great success.

Newspaper headings reflect the popularity of the show:

“Crowds come to Gwinear Show despite the gales!”

“Family shows how pasties are made”

Two Revival Committee Members

Only two members of that original group are still active members of the Committee – Cuthbert Pooley and Margaret Stapleton. Cuthbert has been Director of the Showground for many years and President, while Margaret has been Secretary, Chairman and President.

Local Farmers’ Support

The Show has always been generously supported by local farmers who have provided sites to stage the Show. They have always been vital to the existence of the Show and we are so grateful for their support.